Weingut Landauer
J. Haydngasse 5
7071 Rust, Burgenland
Tel. (+43) 02685/278
Fax (+43) 02685/2784

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Weingut Landauer Rust Österreich - AMONG THE 100 BEST WINES IN THE WORLD 2018 INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE 2020   8 Gold medals
- AUSTRIAN TROPHY WINNER  International Wine Challenge


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Landauer Winery

The sunny southeastern sides of the hills around Rust, which are located around the town and Lake Neusiedl like an amphitheater, are being among the best traditional vineyards in Austria.
On an area of about 28 ha (56 acres)  planted with grapevines the Landauer family is yielding a small but top quality amount of white, red and sweet wines. The motto of Stefan Landauer is to get highest quality with no strings attached.

The sunshine hours

outnumber the Austrian average by far. The clayey and calcareous "Leitha soil" with its weathered slate, the primitve rocks, quartz, loess and shell limestone offer our familiy ideal prerequisites for producing full-bodied wines with sensational character.
We are producing elegant, fruity and impressing wines for private customers, for the specialized trade and the high-class gastronomy, for those who are appreciating our natural and traditional manual work and the finest quality of our wines. In many countries all over the world Landauer wines are being very popular.

Our vineyards

we have been cultivating for years according to the strict guidelines and rules of the KIP Program, which ensures an environmentally compatible, organic and natural farming in order to maintain a sound and natural biosphere. We have achieved huge successes and many awards for our wines. In this way our high level mode of practice has been approved of. As a result we are ranking among the top class wineries in Austria. We are having a clear philosophy and a well-defined point of view: Variety and select quality - Wines with personality and quality at moderate price. We are growing wine by passion and producing quality by conviction.
                                                                                                          Landauer family